40g Reef Tank
This page is dedicated to my 40g reef tank that started my interest in reef aquaria. I have had this tank up and running for over 10 years. I have learned a lot and made many changes over the years. Please bear with me as this page is under major construction. Thanks
Here are three varieties of mushroom corals in my 40g reef tank. The green striped variety has been the most prolific and has been in this tank for over seven years. The burgandy variety are relative newcomers to the tank in the last year while the blue/green variety has been in this tank for about five years. The blue/green variety has been very slow to multiply.
Burgandy colored mushroom
Green striped mushroom
Green striped mushroom in foreground, blue/green variety in bakground
To the left are two pitures of my Coral Banded Shrimp, Shrimp Louis (how original huh?). I would not add another Coral Banded Shrimp to a reef tank, and did not to my 120g, due to their aggressive nature. He is always trying to steal food from the corals and attempting to grab the fish when they get to close. So far he is to slow, but you never know.

Coral Banded Shrimp, Stenpus hispidus
Coral Banded Shrimp, Stenopus hispidus
Pineapple Coral, Blastomussa merleti
Pink Zooanthid colony
To the right are a few of the corals left in the 40g tank. I have moved most of the others to the 120g tank over the past four months. I have two colonies of the pineapple coral. They have done well considering the lighting is not great in this tank. I plan on moving these two colonies to the 120g tank in the next few months. The Pink Zooanthid has grown a lot since I purchased it about 7 months ago. A small piece broke off and has doubled from 9 polyps to 18 polyps in only four weeks. This particular picture shows some of the zooanthids closed in the foreground and the others open in the background. These polyps will close up if disturbed even slightly. They will quickly open back up as well. My favorite coral is my sun polyp coral I have included a few pictures of it.
Sun Polyp Coral, Tubastraea Faulkneri
Sun Polyp Coral, Tubastraea Faulkneri
Scarlet hermit crab and mushroom
I spotted this cool little scarlet hermit crab sporting  the latest fashion in mushroom wear. They appear to be enjoying one anothers company.