Bonsai Reef Page
This page is dedicated to my bonsai reef, commonly called a nano reef.. This refers to any reef tank that is small, 25g or less. My bonsai reef is a 7g mini bow front AGA. This tank was set up on 12/18/01 and sits on my desk in my office.  This, as all reef tanks, is a work in progress. As time and the tank progress more pictures will be added to this page. Thanks for checking it out.
Up close shot of my bonsai reef on 2/2/02, 5 weeks after set up. Inhabitants include 1 yellow watchman goby, 1 raspberry coral frag from my 40g reef, 1 candy coral frag from my 120g tank, 1 beautiful small open brain coral, my sun polyp coral from my 40g reef, a zooanthid colony and a few assorted mushrooms(green striped, red, red/purple striped, blue).
Set up and Hardware- Low Budget Style
7g mini bow front All Glass Aquarium tank
AquaClear Mini hang on filter
2 minijet powerheads
1 50w heater
Up close shot of a frag of Blastomussa merleti in my Bonsai Reef. I took the frag from my colony in my 40g reef tank.
Simple red mushroom, Discosoma sp. very bribrant and a nice contrast to the orange encrusting sponge underneath it.
Close up shot of my pumping xenia fragged from my 120g reef. I am curious how it will do in the Bonsai Reef. Update: I did not like the look of the pumping xenia in the tank so I took it out.
Here is a picture of my my yellow watchman goby,  Cryptocentrus cinctus. He is a new addition to my Bonsai Reef as of 4/27/02. He seems to have taken up residence under a rock right in the front. This is very cool, he is out and about a lot so far.
Here is a series of shots of my red open brain feeding. The first shot shows the brain shrtly after food was placed on its feeding tenticles. The second shot shows the brain 15 minutes later, the third and fourth shots are 5-10 minutes apart each. The final shot is the brain at the end of the feeding session.
Here are two shots of my blue mushrooms that seems to really like the bonsai reef. The first shot is from the side through the glass and the second shot is from above. This mushroom is on the move in these pictures. He is barely attached to the rock by one slim strand. He is leaving babies in his wake. See the brand new baby in the lower left corner of both shots. It is not as brightly colored, but it will be :).
picture #1
picture #2
Bonsai Reef 2/02, two months old.
Fat bellied goby: On this particular day my yellow watchman goby was in rare form, his belly shows what a wonderful day he had feasting on the meal for the day.
Bonsai Reef 7/02, 7 months old.
46g bowfront 1