Progress and Growth of Corals and my 120g Reef System
This page is dedicated to the growth and progress of various corals in my reef systems and the reef tank itself as it matures. This page is under  construction much of the time to update and add images. Check back from time to time.

Pocillopora as of 3/25/01. This  sps coral has  grown quite a bit in 6 weeks.
Pink pocillopora,  Pocillopora damicornis, Received 2/10/01. No picture taken on that date.
Yellow acropora, Acropora sp. Received 2/10/01
Pink stylophora, Stylophora pistillata Received 2/10/01
Pink stylophora as of 3/25/01. Not much growth. Much deeper pink coloration on branches. I notice the branches are getting thicker.
Green Hydnophora , Hydnophora sp. Received 2/10/01
Green hydnophora as of 3/25/01. This picture does not do this coral justice. Under actinics this thing positively glows flourescent green, incrediable little guy. It took this coral about three weeks to get acclimated. Now polyps are extended always.
Green acropora, Acropora sp. Received 2/10/01
Green acro as of 3/25/01. This coral has grown quite a bit as you can see. The tips are green and polyps are white, nice contrast.

Blue acropora, Acropora sp. Received 2/10/01
Blue acropora as of 3/25/01. A nice deep blue is spreading. Unfortunately so is a brown coloration on all branches.
Blue acropora as of 4/22/01. As you can see great polyp extension but unfortuantely the color has completely changed to brown.
Green Hydnophora as of 5/19/01. Growth and health is evident. this is a happy coral.
Green Acropora as of 5/19/01. Another happy coral. The tips are the only green part of this coral. Which is not that evident in the picture. I hope that more of it turns green.

Blue acro as of 5/19/01. Color is returning. YIPEE!. The tips are getting a light levender color, similar to the first picture when I received this coral

This is a shot of my candy coral on 6/14/01. It has grown from 11 heads to 34 heads in the past two years. Since adding it to my 120g system from my 40g system there has been exponential growth.
This is a shot of the candy coral when I first placed it in the 120g in 2/01. It has about 18 heads. and prefers the low light of this cave.
Blue acro as of 7/11/01. Continues to have good growth with increased color morphing.

Yellow acro as of 7/11/01. Growing great.
Pink stylophora is bleaching and losing fleshy tips due to heat increase in the tank. I hope with lower water temp I can stop the bleaching and die off.
Orange montipora capricornis, Montipora sp.. Recieved 6/25/01, picture taken 7/11/01. Great color on this little frag, growth is taking off.
I am calling this a tri-colored acropora, Acropora sp.. Received  6/15/01. Picture taken 7/11/01. This little frag flouresces blue and green. Polyps appear green. Seems happy in my tank up high with good current.
Pocillopora as of 7/11/01. The color is wonderful and growth continues. I have this placed high in my tank with medium current. Try to ignore the turf algae, it is my nemisis.
Green Hydnophora as of 7/11/01. Happy and growing.. I may have to move this guy in the next few months due to increased growth and proximity to my blue acro.
Green Acro as of 8/20/01. This is one happy acropora. Growth is great.
Tri-colored acro as of 8/20/01. Very slow growth. This coral is beginning to encrust, visible in larger photo.
Blue acro as of 8/20/01. This from above, color is morphing once again to a arker purple/blue.
Orange montipora cap as of 10/30/01. Growth continues. Color is a bit darker but still very vivid.
Yellow acro as of 10/30/01. this puppy grows like crazy. I have fragged this twice, by accident, the frags are growing well.
This pink stylophora finally succumbed to bleaching and died.
Green hydnophora as of 10/30/01. Growing slowly but beautiful color. I have noticed very slow encrusting at the base of this coral. I have moved it a bit so it has lots of room.
Pink pocillopora as of 10/30/01. This guy is growing very nicely. There appears to be a head that is a bit browner than the others. I am watching this with interest.
Yellow Porites, Porites cylindrica, purchased from Dr. Mac  and received on 2/10/01. No picture taken
Yellow porites as of 10/30/01. this coral has grown at least 4 times its original size. It is a beautiful deep yellow with good polyp extension all of the time unless disturbed. I have this coral placed midway in the tank.
This coral, ID'd by Sue Truett appears to be Psammicora sp. This coral was placed in my tank 6/11/01. This picture was taken on 10/30/01. I have two frags from this coral as it fell a few times and the pieces broke off very easily. The frags are growing very fast.
Orange colored Montipora digitata, Montipora sp., placed in my tank as a small frag on 7/5/01. picture taken as of 10/30/01. Very fast growth rate.
Green Acro as of 10/30/01. This coral continues to grow and grow. Green tips arre not evident in the pictures. Flouresces beautifully under the actinic lights.
Orange monti cap as of 2/2/02. Growing great. Color is very vivid, deep orange. Large polyps and excellent polyp extension
Tri colored acro as of 2/2/02. This coral turned very brown under the Iwasakis, with the lighting change the color is returning. Encrusting has spread.
Blue acro as of 2/10/02. A lot of growth over the past 6 months. I have also fragged this coral 3 times. All frags are growing nicely.
I broke this coral off right at the base, bummer, but glued it back in place behind the base. You can see 2 new branches growing out of the base. Picture taken 2/2/02. Growing well.
PinkPocillopora from above, a bit of a different angle. Pic taken 2/10/02 Growing well and the color is awesome.
Purple tipped montipora digitata as of 2/20/02. This was a frag from a friend and grows like wild fire. I placed this frag up high under the lights in good flow and the color is incredible.

Yellow acropora as of 2/20/02. This has darkened a bit under the 10K MH lights as you can see. It is just beautiful. This pic shadows it up a bit more than it really is.

Yellow porites as of 3/17/02. A lot of growth, very thick branches, great coloring. Doing very well.
This is the second psammocora digitata frag as of 6/1/02. This frag was a 2" single finger on 10/31/01. It has grown a lot.
Orange montipora digitata as of 6/1/02. great growth and excellent color.
Green hydnophora as of 6/1/02. Continued slow growth
Orange montipora cap as of 6/1/02. From this angle you can see the pieces have formed a cup, a small frag was taken a few months ago on the left side of the coral. Great growth and color.
Tri colored acro as of 7/02. Frag is very slow grower, a year in tank and little growth. Very blue tips.
Blue staghorn, Acropora  formosa (possibly) as of 7/02 In tank one year to this point, started out as 3" single branch frag. Very nice growth.
Wild bought acropora, Acropora gemmifera, as of 7/5/02. This wild colony has a few dead spots on tips of  three branches, pearlescent corallites, greenish cast to coral, browning beginning. May take months to color up.
Green acro from above as of 8/1/02. This coral is a large colony now and has green tips. The polyps have stayed brown, unlike the early shots when they were white.
Orange capricornus as of 8/18/02. Just lovely and huge growth.
Green hydnophora as of  10/25/02. Great flourescent color and continued slow growth.
Tri colored acro as of 10/25/02, with navy blue tips. This coral is very slow growing but doing well. Encrusting portion dieing a bit but branching continuing
Pink pocillopora as of 10/25/02. This is a straight on shot through the front of the glass. This coral continues to grow well and has lovely deep pink color.
Green acro gemmifera as of 10/25/02. WOW, this coral has really colored up and is just gorgeous. The yellow chistmas worms in the coral continue to survive as well This coral is growing fast.
Yellow porites as of 10/25/02. Growing like crazy.
Green table acropora, Acropora sp. as of 10/25/02. This frag was given to me by a fellow reefer a few months back. Intense green coloring, difficult to shoot due to placement in tank.
Purple tipped montipora digitata as of 10/25/02. This coral grows well and fast, many frags have been taken off this coral colony.
This coral was hit by some sort of tissue killing problem in 12/02. I was able to save a small frag and some tissue is still living on a portion of the main stem of this coral. Pictures to follow
This is a dark green acropora purchased on 11/23/02, Acropora sp. It has very small light colored polyps. It has taken nicely to the tank. I have it 3/4 of the way up in a moderate to high flow area.
This blue tipped staghorn,3/2/03, has definitely changed to a purple tipped staghorn with a deep brownish/purple body. It is growing thick and well with excellent polyp extension. It is off to the side so direct light is less, this may be contributing to change in color.
Blue tipped green Acropora formosa as of 12/02. Very nice coloring. Currently this coral is on the sand bed waiting for a better location in the tank.
Deep blue Acropora sp., possibly tortuosa, as of 11/02. This frag is very tiny and very intense deep navy blue...AWESOME. I hope it grows.
Pink pocillopora as of 3/2/03. Great growth on this coral. I recently fragged a chunk off in the lower left  corner for someone.
Green acro gemmifera as of 3/2/03. This wild colony continues to grow well placed up high under the MH lighting.
Green tipped acro as of 3/2/03. This coral just keeps growing and growing and growing. It is definately competing for some space in its present location.
Orange Capricornus as of 3/2/03, just gorgeous.
Blue acropora tortuosa? as of 3/2/03. It is growing very slowwwwly but has encrusted ever so slightly. Polyps are out constantly and the color is still beautiful...not quite as deep blue as I had hoped..
Green table top acropora as of 3/2/03. Growth is slow but steady, some competition from purple digitata and yellow porites close by.
Yellow porites as of 3/2/03. Dominating growth.