Pearl Bubble Coral, Plerogyra sinuosa and
Cup Coral, Tubinaria reniformis

Open Brain Coral, Trachyphylilia geoffroyi
and Candy Coral ,Caulastrea sp.
Open Brain Coral, Trachyphylilia geoffroyi
Long Polyp Scleractinia Corals, 120g reef
My tank will eventually be a mixture of lps, long polyp scleractinia corals, and sps, small polyp scleractinia corals. As my tank matures and I add more corals this page will grow. I have not put in any sps corals as of 12/00 as the tank is only 4 months old. I hope to add my first sps corals in the near future. The only corals I have at this time are lps and one lone soft coral without a name. As I post pictures and names feel free to email me with any corrections you might have.
Pearl Bubble Coral, Plerogyra sinuosa
Two varieties of Frogspawn Coral, one showing the beautiful translucent green variation, Euphyllia divisa.
Small Polyp Scleractinia Corals, 120g reef
Soft Corals and Zooanthid Polyps, 120g reef

At this time I have only two soft corals in the 120g reef system. I will not be adding many more, if any at all. My preference is to keep mainly sps corals and some lps corals in this tank. My 40g tank will be reserved for soft corals primarily.
Pumping Xenia, Xenia sp. Update:11/01 This continues to grow fast like a weed. My lfs still takes it in trade, lucky for me.
I am not sure what this coral is. If you know email me and let me know. I believe this may be a Sinularia sp. Update:11/01 This coral has gotten so huge I need to either frag it or move it out of the tank.
Update 2/11/01
I have added some sps tank raised corals from Dr. Mac and Sons. Pictures of a few of these corals are down below and I will also be tracking their growth on my progress page. Check it out.
Plate Coral, Fungia sp. This picture does not do this coral justice, more green and purple under VHO actinic lighting. Update: This coral died mysteriously 6/01.
I added my first sps corals to this tank on 2/10/01. I have included a couple pictures of the frags the day I received them. Since then I have added more frags from various sources. Pictures are below. Go to Progress and Progress Gallery 2 to see growth rates and to get updates on many corals in my 120g reef tank.
Green Acropora, Hydnophora
Pink stylophora, Stylophora pistillata,
Green Acropora, Acropora sp.
Yellow Acropora, Acropora sp.
Blue Acropora, Acropora sp.

Elegance Coral, Catalaphyllia  jardinei.  Extended tentacles most often by day. This specimen's skeleton is in the shape of a  "U", winding around, hard to tell when engorged. One of my favorites.
Yellow Montipora Digitata, Montipora digitata.
Orange Montipora capricornis, Montipora sp.
Green Star Polyps. This little frag of GSP has really bright green centers. I placed this on a rock in hopes that it will grow and encrust this small rock. from there I will continue to get it to move on specific rocks. I am being careful about this spreading to my main rock structure as GSP can be quite nasty to other corals.
Update 8/7/01
I have added a number of acropora frags since the initial sps corals from 2/11/01. I have gotten these frags from a few different sources. They are all tank raised and doing well.
Purple stylophora, Stylophora pistillata
Tri colored acropora, Acropora sp.
Yellow porites, Porites cylindrica.
Green acropora, Acropora nobilis
Blue acropora, Acropora selago
Pink birdsnest, Seriatopora hystrix
Green acropora, Acropora humilis
Brown psammicoas, Psammicorus digitata
Rose montipora, Montipora digitata
Pumping Xenia  continues to do really well. Here is an updated picture as of  12/5/01.
Update: Incredible growth to almost double their size. Pic taken 12/6/01
Yellow Fiji Leather, Sarcophyton elegans. Added this coral  1/02. This shot taken 2/2/02. Still looks a bit unhappy, polyps not fully extended. I hope it settles in .
Here is a current shot of my yellow fiji leather. It has settled in very nicely and is just beautiful.
Update 4/20/02
Update: 4/20/02 My green star polyps have finally began to grow. I decided to take a little risk and put them up on one side of my rock structure. We shall see what happens.
Update: 4/20/02 I moved this coral out of the 120g reef and into my 40g reef that is mainly softies. It was just to big. I am going to frag it soon. It continues to do well but growth is slowed under less light in the 40g reef.
Pink and Blue Ricordea Florida, Ricordea florida. Brand new in the tank as of 8/23/02. Still acclimating and a bit retracted. I plan on mounting onto a nice rock so it has plenty of room to grow. Just stunning  and I got a reasonable deal on these three polyps with a very tiny baby polyp as well.
Update: 6/04 This Ricordea slowly dwindled away despite measures to save it by placing it in a variety of different areas of the tank.
Sky blue Ricordea, Ricordea sp., I have had this guy for at least a year and it finally split into a third polyp a bit ago. Hard to see in this picture. It is a beautiful sky blue color.
Update: 6/04 This Ricordea continues to look just like this, no growth to speak of, maybre increase in size of polyps but no new polyps in two+ years. Other Ricordea, the orange in particular are trhiving and multiplying a ton.