40g Tank

Welcome to my website. The wonderful world of reefkeeping is an incredible adventure into the wild and mystical world that exists in our oceans. On this website I have included a page that will chronical the growth, progress, and development of both corals and the ecosystem in my 120g reef tank as it matures. I have also included a page that is devoted to my 40g reef tank that is slowly being converted to a softy/mushroom tank. Please enjoy your visit.
This page was last updated on: June 28, 2007
This reef tank has been set up since September, 2000. I began designing and ordering pieces in early April of 2000 and finally poured water into the system in mid September one night at midnight. There was a little delay at the airport with my live rock that day and I found myself forced  to stay up until the wee hours of the morning getting the live rock in the tank along with 200lbs. of sand and 120 gallons of water. Always an adventure in this hobby.
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Yellow Sun Polyp Coral, Tubastraea faulkneri

Coco worm, macro shot. Very cool little guy.
Mated pair of tank raised Percula clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris. Placed in tank on 10/31/01 to replace other pair(female died and the male is in my 40g reef hooking up with a new clownfish friend). Click on image for larger picture.
Macro shot of two color variations of frogspawn coral, Euphyllia divisa.
Slojmn's Reef
DARN CUTE!!! Yellow watchman goby, Cryptocentrus cinctus in my Bonsai Reef. A face only a mother could love:)
Beautiful blue maxima. This clam has been in my tank for 15 months now and is just the coolest clam. The colors and markings on this clam are very striking.Update: lost this coral and 13 others to mysterious clam infection in summer '02...very sad losses.
One of two sunburst anthias, Serranocirrhitus latus that inhabit my 120g reef tank.
Blue Tuxedo Urchin Spawn
Here is a shot of my blue tuxedo urchin spawning on the morning of 8/14/02. It was so cool. The event lasted at least 20 minutes and he was so obliging to come out and do it in the open where I could watch and get a couple pictures. You can see the 5 spots near the center of the urchin where the spawn is emminating from. There is another picture on my Fish and Inverts page.
Elegance coral, Catalaphylla, jardinei, on 8/18/02. I recently moved this coral as it needed more room. Spectacular growth and health.
Sunburst Anthias in montipora tuberculosa. I love the colors in this picture.
Osellaris Clown Pair Finally take to Rose Anemone 12/30/03:
It took 1 year and 10 months for my mated pair of ocellaris clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris,  to finally take the plunge and dive into my Rose anemone, Entacmaea quadricolor. I have wached them hover over my elegance coral for years thinking they wanted to take that as a host...apparently not...then I watched my male clown host in a capricornus for the past 6 or so months, the cap positioned right above the rose. Then, suddenly, this week he just dove right into the rose anemone. The female is not as abiding, but she hovers in the tentacles periodically and has been seen diving in for a good rubbing here and there...mostly it is the little male who has done the deed. Very cool after all this time.
Update: My elegance coral, 12/30/03, is getting huge. It covers one square foot of prime real estate in my 120g tank. She is extremely healthy and growing by the month. I am rather attached to her and I may have to do some serious re-aquascaping to make more room for her. What a beauty
Above: front view  as of 12/30/03:
Below: front view as of 10/25/02:
Some definite changes have occured in the past 14 months.
Mated pair of clowns spawn...finally 5/2/05