Sps Growth-Gallery 2
These are pictures of more small polyp stony corals as they grow and develop in my 120g reef tank. This page is being updated  so please feel free to come back and check in with the growth progress of these corals.
Green Acropora, Acropora nobilis, as of 10/31/01. I have placed this frag high up in the tank in fairly strong current. Polyps extended within an hour of acclimation.
Blue acropora, Acropora selago, as of 10/31/01. I have placed this frag at the very top of my rock structure in hopes that it will get the most light and keep its deep blue color.
Pink Birdsnest, Seriatopa hystrix, as of 10/31/01. Lovely frag, very bright colors. This was a bit larger but broke in shipping so I have two frags in the tank. This is the larger one. I have placed it midway in the tank as it requires a bit lower light.
Green acropora, Acropora humilis, as of 10/31/01. This is a nice piece, very bright green. I look forward to seeing it grow..
Yellow with purple tips millepora, Acropora millepora, as of 10/31/01. I have placed this frag near the top in hopes of having it color nicely. Very little polyp extension so far. May have some shipping stress
Purple stylophora, Stylophora pistillata as of 10/31/01. Very nice deep colors on this frag. I hope this one makes it.
Green millepora. Acropora millepora, as of 10/31/01. This was a freebie thrown in to my order. Looking forward to seeing it grow. I have placed it 3/4 way up in the tank with good current.
Green acro nobilis as of 2/2/02. The tip broke off  and is now another small frag. This coral has extrememly slow growth. It has encrusted nicely and has great color, not that evident in this photo. I am patiently waiting for it to start branching
Blue selago as of 2/2/02. Another slow grower. this frag has encrusted a lot and currently is getting some nice color back with new lights.
Purple/pink stylophora as of 2/2/02. Lots of polyp extension and quick growth. I have this coral about midway in the tank with good current
Purple with green polyps acropora, Acropora sp, as of 2/2/02.. I received this frag from a fellow reefer locally. It is small but I have great hopes for it.
Purple with green polyps acro as of 3/17/02. Growing well!
The color on this millepora is now up for debate. It appeared blue for a while and now seems yellow/blue/brown.  It is growing well but coloring up strange
Stylophora as of 6/1/02. Great growth and great polyp extension. Color is brownish/pink.
Red millepora, acropora millepora, as of 6/02. I recently aquired this coral in a trade with a fellow reefer. This millipora has very large and long polyps that are deep, dark brown. They only come out at night now.
Raspberry millipora as of 3/17/02. The color has lightened up in a month. This is from a wild Solomon disc from a fellow reefer. This frag is growing very nicely.
Millepora as of 6/1/02. Great growth continues. I've had to reposition this frag a few times and it seems to adjust easily each time.
Purple acro with green polyps as of 7/1/02. Continues to do well.
Green Bali slimer, acropora sp. as of 7/02. This is a larg frag from a fellow reefers tank. It is lightening up to a llime green and the polyps only show at night.
Mystery acropora, Acropora sp.. received 7/02. I am anxiously waiting to see what this beauty turns into.
Green acro with blue tips, Acropora sp. Received as of 7/5/02. Very nice frag, picture does not show up the beautiful color on this frag
Green millipora, Acropora millipora Received 7/02. Not sure about this frags health. Watching closely, beautiful deep emerald green color, some dead spots.
Orange Ricordea, Ricordea florida recieved 6/02 as frag from Guy in New York, pic taken 7/02, what a beauty.
Purpple tipped wild colony, Acropora sp., as of 7/02. I have had this colony for a few months and it is coloring up very nicely.
Purple Pocillopora, Pocillopora sp. as of 7/02. Very deep purple, small frag from a local reefer.
Purple rimmed montipora, Montipora capricornis, as of 7/5/02. This frag is growing very fast. It has a light purple rim and a light green body. Should be beautiful as it grows.
Blue/purple humilis, Acropora humilis, as of 7/14/02. I have had this frag since 10/30/01. As you can see no growth but very slow encrusting. Great polyp extension.
Green nobilis,8/02, never pulled out of the slow growth and finally just withered to a skeleton.
Pink birdsnest, Seriatopa hystrix, as of 8/18/02. Good steady growth. The picture did not pick up the true color of this coral, definately pinker.
This millipora has definately turned a beautiful turquoise color. Picture taken from above on 8/18/02. It is just beautiful.
Yellow tipped brown milli as of 8/18/02,  no green in this coral anymore. Growing well. I recently moved it to higher light area to see if color might change with increased lighting.
Close up from above of raspberry/pink millipora on 8/18/02. Just beautiful coloration on this millipora. One of my favorites.
Purple rimmed capricornus as of 8/18/02. This coral is growing rapidly. Nice color as well.
Picture taken 9/6/02, notice bare spot that has shown up in the past 2 weeks. Strange and definately worth watching. I am contemplating fragging a branch or two just in case.... but hate to ruin a nice little colony
Front view of my raspberry/pink millipora as of 10/25/02. I just love this coral, it continues to grow well and has sweet color, Top down view continues to look like the picture before.
Green millipora as of 10/25/02. This coral has healed up nicely and has long, hairy polyps which camoflauge the deep emerald green of this coral. See the new buds sprouting in the lower left quadrant?
Orange Ricordea as of 10/25/02. The large ricordea is the one from the first picture, the second is a different variety. They are growing but have yet to make babies.
Golden birdsnest, Seriatopora hystrix as of 10/25/02. I recieved this frag from a fellow reefer. It started out very small and has grown exponentially.
Green Bali slimer as of 10/25/02. I have fragged two branches off this fast growing coral thus far. Fast growing for sure.
Mystery acropora, blue tipped just barely, as of 10/25/02. great growth but loss of color. I am contemplating moving this frag upmore in the tank closer to the lights.
Montipora tuberculosa, as of 10/25/02. I have had this since 7/02. It was the size of a quarter when I got it. Beautiful lavendar color. Pleasing growth pattern.
Purple stylophora as of 10/25/02. I have fragged some branches of this coral recently due to warfare with the capricornus, but decided to let the two corals work it out. Colored up very nice.
Red millipora as of 10/25/02. This coral is growing nicely and is keeping a nice red color. This picture does not really show this reddness. 
Green acro with blue tips as of 10/25/02. Very slow growth. It is difficult to capture the true colors of this acro due to shadows and my ameture picture skills.
1/3/02: I traded this coral to a lfs for some nice frags.
Pink birdsnest as of 12/20/02. Good growth but slow. Nice bright pink, branches are long and thin.
Green humilis as of 1/25/03. As you can see this coral has grown very slowly. I had some die off at one point but it came back even healthier.
This coral fell down into my very large bubble coral. Needless to say the bubble coral one the battle and I lost this coral.

Green millipora has sprouted purple branches. Picture as of 2/03. The buds from the last picture have grown into a nice small colony of very purple millipora branches
Purple pocillopora as of 2/03. This coral has definately changed color. It is more of a dark pink. No longer the deep purple as when I first received it. Nice growth.
Golden birdsnest as of 3/2/03. It is hard to get a good shot of this fast growing coral.
3/2/03: The blue selago has not put out polyps for the past few monthsand has not grown at all. I am afraid that it has died. I am attempting to locate another frag of this beautiful coral
Top down view of my raspberry millipora as of 3/2/03. This is just an awesome coral. The color continues to be phenominal and the growth constant.